Third Party Quality Construction Inspections

SkyeTec Engineering Service's Third-Party Quality Construction inspections provide an in-depth analysis of a structure at various stages of the construction process utilizing qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods.

Third Party Quality Construction Inspections

Reduce the risk of costly mistakes

Ensure quality construction

Save time and money

SkyeTec Engineering Service's experienced field inspectors perform detailed inspections throughout construction

  • Concrete Slab/Foundation (or footing with stem wall)

  • Masonry Tie Beam and Lintel

  • Wall and Roof Sheathing

  • Structural Framing, Floors, Walls, and Roof

  • House-Wrap, Self-Adhered Flashing Tape

  • Sill Pan, Flashing, Stucco Lath, Building Paper, Stucco Accessories (Control Joint, Casing Bead, Weep Screed)

  • Stucco in Progress

  • Stucco Thickness

  • Building Final

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