Third-Party Quality Construction Inspections

SkyeTec Engineering Services’ Third-Party Quality Construction inspections provide an in-depth analysis of a house at various stages of the construction process.  These multiple inspections identify potential issues that could turn into costly problems and inspect that the house in target to meet the builder qualifications.

Our trained and experienced field inspectors perform detailed inspections of the following:

  • Concrete Slab/Foundation (or Footing with Stem Wall)
  • Masonry Tie Beam and Lintel
  • Wall and Roof Sheathing
  • Structural Framing, Floors, Walls, and Roof
  • House-Wrap, Self-Adhered Flashing Tape and Sill Pan Flashing
  • Stucco Lath Building Paper
  • Stucco Accessories (Control Loint, Casing Bead, Weep Screed)
  • Stucco in Progress

During the end stage of construction, a final inspection is completed to inspect:

  • All electrical outlets are functioning
  • All toilets and faucets are functioning
  • Exposed plumbing has no leaks
  • Closets, doors, and windows are functioning and door bottoms clear the carpet for return air
  • Exterior meets compliance for architectural evaluation
  • Lights are functioning
  • Switches are functioning
  • Electrical panel box is properly labeled
  • Condenser is anchored down and electrical whips are secured
  • Condenser drain meets code
  • Exterior sealants at penetrations comply with the Florida Building Code and manufacturer’s specifications
  • Dry paint millage
  • Exterior grading is properly sloped away from building face
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